Aloha POS - BSP Setup

Contents: This guide will show you how to enable items in Aloha POS for online ordering


There are minimum versions of Aloha software that are required and need to be verified to ensure that the NovaDine integration functions properly. Please verify that your software meets the following requirements:

  • CFC 19.3 or higher
  • ATO 17.1 or Higher (should be latest version available)
  • ATO minimum requirement for this integration is ATO order manager on the back of house computer.
  • POS 12.3 or Higher
  • POS 15.1 needs latest RAL version

Request Data Access for NovaDine

Before starting the POS setup, you will need to complete some forms to release and provision your data.

Data Release Form

First, you will need to sign a data release form for NCR that gives NovaDine access to your POS data (this allows us to pull in your menu and settings from Aloha). Your NovaDine rep will provide you with the form, send to you for completion, and ask that you send to NCR to allow them to release your data.

Provisioning Format Request

Next, a Site will need to be created in Site Service for each of your locations. To do this, you will need to complete the Site Import Sheet for Site Service spreadsheet and send to NCR. Your NovaDine rep will provide you with the spreadsheet and instructions for completing. Once completed, NCR will return the provisioning information to you, which we ask that you then forward to NovaDine, as it will have information required for the setup of each of your locations in NovaDine.

Lab Setup

Please configure the below settings in your Lab using Aloha’s BSP Setup Requirements Document:

  • Time sync set up on BOH (Recommendation is Google for time sync)
  • Payment type needs to be setup for NovaDine (See BSP Setup Requirements Document)
  • Aloha Takeout Order Manager on BOH is required at minimum and must be setup for Web Ordering
  • Order mode needs to be provided to NovaDine (default used by NovaDine is Web)
  • Tax rates need to be provided to NovaDine for each site
  • Labs should have Aloha Take Out on front of house and back of house installed (this is preferred)

Determine Menu Data Source

The NCR integration in NovaDine supports two different data sources from BSP. Data can be stored in either Marketplace Catalog or an AO Menu and a determination will need to be made with your NovaDine rep on which to use, but AO Menu is preferred.

Marketplace Catalog Setup

For NovaDine to access your menu data through Marketplace Catalog, please configure based on Aloha’s Catalog Activation Document:

  • Flag catalog items as ‘Available for online’ in CFC (as described in Aloha’s Catalog Activation Document)
  • Refresh site or perform an EOD in order to see data pushed to catalog

Item Images

Images cannot be imported to NovaDine from Aloha, so they will need to be uploaded in NovaDine once the menu is imported.

  • Images should be in a ratio of 4x3 (minimum of 800x600px) in .png format

Provide Access Credentials to NovaDine

Once the Catalog or Menu Setup has been completed, let your NovaDine rep know and please provide the below credentials in order for NovaDine to pull menu and place orders:

  • Nep-org
  • Enterprise Unit #
  • Menu ID #

Additional Setup Needed

To avoid price mismatches that could occur, the following POS site settings should be set to true so we can override pricing with ours:

  • UnitPriceOverride
  • EnablePriceOverride
  • UseTakeoutPrice